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In this article find information on the Amex Blue Cash Credit Card Application, Check Application Status, Credit Card application FAQs and Payment guide.

Once you have gone through the post below you will be able to apply for the card. Upon approval you will receive your Amex Card in the mail. Simply activate it and you can get started with making purchases.

Scroll down to read all the information on the credit card application and payment.

How to Apply for Amex Credit Card | Amex Blue Cash Credit Card Application

You can apply for Amex Credit Card in three ways, the first one is to apply online, the second way is to apply by filling up the form, and the third method is to call the customer service of Amex Credit Card. Let’s discuss them briefly:

Amex Credit Card Application Online Application

  • The procedure to apply for Amex Credit Card via online method is very much simple. All you need to do is visit the following URL:
  • The Blue Cash Everyday Card section will open in front of your screen.

Amex Credit Card Application

  • Now apply for the car by entering the following details in the respective boxes.
  • Your RSVP Code
  • Zip Code
  • Now you have to click on the “Continue” button.
  • Follow the steps given in front of your screen and you will easily apply for it.

Apply By Phone

Customers can also call on helpline service to begin the application process. The customer helpline number of Amex Blue Credit Card is 1-800-235-3476. After calling on the given number, you will find the representative on the other side of the phone. Provide the necessary details to him/ her to begin the application process.

Apply for form

To submit the paper application, you need to fill out the following information in the respective spaces: Name, Address, Phone Number, Social Security Number, Date of birth, email address, total annual income, Employer name, and Personal assets.

You will need 7 days to know whether you have been approved or not.

Amex Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

To check if you are eligible for Amex Credit Card or not, you need to see if you meet these conditions:

  • A person applying for Amex Credit Card must be 18 years old or above.
  • You must have your authentic Social Security Number.
  • The primary account holder must not hold more than 5 Amex Credit Cards at a single time. Only two cards can be issued in a 90 day interval.

Amex Credit Card Pre-Qualified Offers

You need to fill out a pre-qualification form to check if your offers are. Follow the instructions below to submit the details given below:

  • Click on this URL first to go to the form-fill up page.
  • Now, you can scroll down the page and you will find the “Get Started” section.

Amex Credit Card application status

  • The next step is to enter the following details in the given sections
  • Home Address section
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Home Street Address
  • Suite/ Apt#
  • Zip Code
  • City
  • State
  • Personal Information Section
  • The last 4 digits of your SSN.
  • Now after entering the details, click on the “View My Card Offers” button.
  • Home Address

How to Check My Amex Credit Card Application Status?

  • To check your Amex Credit Card Application Status, you have to click on the following URL.
  • The “APPLICATION STATUS” section will appear in front of your screen.

Amex Credit Card Online Application

  • At the center of the screen, you will find an option to enter the following details:
  • Social Security Number
  • Home Zip Code
  • After entering the details correctly, tap on the “Check Application” button.

Amex Blue Credit Card Payment Methods

If you are looking to make payments for your Amex Blue Card, these three methods can help you:

Amex Blue Card Payment Online

You need to log in to your American Express Blue Card Online Account to make your payments online. The stepwise instructions to login into your account have been already given in one of the above sections.

Amex Credit Card Pay by Phone

You can also complete your transaction by your phone by calling at 800-472-9297 and obeying the prompts.

Pay to the mailing address

Send your amount via check to the following address:

Regular payment address: American Express

P.O. Box 650448

Dallas, TX 75265-0448

Overnight Payment Address: American Express

Attn: Express Mail

Remittance Processing

20500 Belshaw Ave.

Carson, CA 90746

Amex Credit Card Customer Service                           

The general customer service of American Express Credit Cards are:

Canada: 1-800-869-3016

US: 1-800-528-4800

The above numbers are toll-free.

For Platinum Card Customer Service, Call on these numbers:

  • 1-800-263-1616 (For US & Canada users).
  • (905) 474-8400 (For outside of US & Canada users).

Amex Credit Card Frequently Asked Questions

Read on for some of the frequently asked questions about the Amex Credit Card.

What is the RSVP code?

Your RSVP Code is a 13 digit and 1 character code which you will find in the mail application.

What credit cards are available with American Express?

There are many cards like the Platinum Card, Gold Card, etc. To check the full list, click on this link:

What should be my annual income to receive approval for Platinum Card?

A customer needs an annual income of $100,000 or more to be eligible for Platinum Card. Of course, a credit score will also count but this income range is the basic compulsion.

Why did AMEX not approve my credit card application?

There can be many factors that decide whether your application will be approved or not. Some of the basic reasons are having a very low credit score, an annual income below the given limit, or already having many credit card accounts.

Does everyone get approved for Amex Credit Card?

It is generally tougher to get approval from American Express. You will need a decent to great credit score and must have a verified monthly income.


The Amex Credit Card application process is very simple whose stepwise instructions have been provided. You will also find various sections that will give you the necessary details to apply for your Amex Credit Card.

If you have any doubts, you can connect with their customer service.


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