How to Activate Select TV on Roku | Complete Guide

If you’re searching that “What is Select TV”, then you have come to a right place because here we will provide you the complete Guide about what is Select TV, which devices you can use to enjoy Select TV on Roku, How to Activate Select TV on Roku, subscriptions and many more.

1. What is Select TV.
2. How to Activate Select TV on Roku.
3. How to Sign In Into Select TV.
4. Popular Select TV Programs You can watch on Roku.
5. What Devices Can I Watch Select TV On.
6. Can You Use Multiple Devices to Watch Select TV.


Select TV is an American TV which is having a new spun off from the web-content aggregator called Free Cast. Select TV collects and Casts movies and TV shows from many of the streaming sources and organizes on Select TV, so that we can enjoy a lot of Movies and TV shows on a long run.

How to Activate Select TV on Roku

If you have installed Select TV App and thus have activated it on Roku, thus Select TV will allow you to watch Live Channels, Latest Movies, your Favourite TV shows and many more.

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If you have not activated Select TV on Roku, you have to purchase a suitable plan, you can also select a plan of your choice or thus, you can also choose a 7-day Free Trial.

  1. After Purchasing a plan, thus you have to switch on your Roku Device and connect it with your TV.
  2. With your Roku Remote, tap on the Home Icon to Navigate or Explore the Home Screen.
  3. Thus, then go to Streaming Channels.
  4. Navigate the Channel Store.
  5. Browse or Search Select TV in the search bar and Select it.
  6. Therefore, now Select TV will appear on your TV Screen.
  7. Tap on Add Channel icon to get into your Roku Device.
  8. Thus, Launch the App to receive a Unique Activation Code.
  9. Enter the Activation Code on the Activation page.
  10. Therefore, after entering the Activation Code, Click on Continue.

You have now successfully Activated Select TV on Roku and thus, you can now watch your favourite TV shows, Movies and much more.

How to Sign In into Select TV

If you are said to Sign In to your Select TV profile during the Activation process, thus follow the given steps below :-

  1. Go to your Select TV profile.
  2. Enter your Username.
  3. Enter your Password.
  4. Click on Sign In.

Popular Select TV Programs You can Watch on Roku

Live channels on Select TV

There are hundreds of Live Channels, Movies and TV shows from many network, and Radio Stations.

  1. TV Shows : You can watch the Latest Shows and Episodes from many Networks such as CBS, NBS, ABC and A&E.
  2. Movies : If you have a lot of interest in watching Movies, then you’ve selected a right choice of having Select TV on Roku. Select TV brings perfect movies, thus you can choose or select from over 100,000 free and Paid Movies.
  3. Live TV Channels : If you’re interested in watching News, Sports and many other Entertainment options. Select TV gives many Live TV Channels from which you can Select your Favourites.
  4. Radio Stations : If you love listening Music, News or Sports Telecast, you can listen and enjoy to over 30,000 streaming platforms of Radio Stations on your Roku Device.

What Devices Can I Watch Select TV On?

You can Access Select TV on all your Devices available at your Home.

Therefore, you can watch Select TV with the following Devices :-

  1. Android TV
  2. Apple TV
  3. Android Device
  4. Apple (iOS)
  5. Amazon Firestick
  6. Fire TV
  7. MI Device
  8. Chromecast
  9. LG TV
  10. Roku TV
  11. Samsung TV
  12. TCL TV
  13. Roku

Can You Multiple Devices to Watch Select TV

You can watch Select TV on upto 3 Devices at Once. You can Log In on as many Devices as you like, but you will only be able to use three Devices Simultaneously.

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