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Torrid is a North American shop of clothing, intimates, swimwear, and accessories for women in sizes 10 to 30 that was established in 2001. With more than 500 outlets in the United States and Canada and more on the way, Torrid is one of the retailers with the quickest growth.
The Torrid credit card, issued by Comenity Bank is a pleasantly straightforward retail card with a potential value that offers both initial and recurring discounts.
There’s no annual fee and in addition to the normal reward points, the Torrid credit card offers several incentives, including 40% off on first purchases and an extra 5% off every day. Also, don’t forget to use the $15 off and $50 Welcome Offer with your Torrid credit card.
This article will go over every step, including how to use their website to make payments on time and how to contact customer support, starting with authorizing your credit card.

How to Activate Your Torrid Card

The Torrid Card activation page can be accessed by clicking here.

• Enter the Torrid Card login information.
• From the top menu bar, choose Customer Service, followed by Self Service.
• Select Activate a Card from the Credit/Charge Account drop-down menu.
• To complete the activation, enter the card information and adhere to the instructions.

• Once Your card is activated register for an online account on their website and you will be good to use your card and make payments.

Here are the best ways to make your Torrid Card payment

Paying Your Torrid Credit card online without Signing in.

• You can use the Torrid’sEasyPay option for hassle free payments without signing in. Comenity’sEasyPay is a way to pay your bill without requiring a username or password or being registered in Account Center with just some basic identification information.

• On the ComenityEasyPay page fill in your basic details like credit card number, Zip or postal code, and last 4 digits of your Social Security number/ Social Insurance Number/ Alternate identification number, and then click on the “Find my Account” option.
• It will fetch the details of your account and you can then choose the payment method of your liking to make the payments.

Paying Your Torrid Credit Card Online

Like most credit cards Torrid also provides an easy way to make payments online from their website. Comenity Bank allows you to schedule your payments up to 30 days in advance. Here are the steps to set up an online payment:
Go to the Torrid website and register your card by selecting “Register Now” from the options and providing your credit card number along with your ZIP code and Social security number.
Username and Password that you set up while registering can also be reset in case you forget them by clicking here.
Once you have successfully registered, log in to your account and enter your routing and bank account number. Then Schedule the payment before the due date on your statement. Make sure that you are using a checking account as Torrid does not accept Debit card payments.

Using your bank’s bill payment service to pay your Torrid credit card

Since Torrid does not offer autopay, the best option would be to set up a payment with your bank.
Most banks provide a service for online bill payment. As a recurring payment to a vendor, you start this feature through your bank. You would prefer that Torrid receives the payment in this scenario. When your banks make payments to Torrid you don’t have to worry about late payment as your bank will deliver the money to them immediately
Paying Your Torrid Credit Card by Phone
Call 800-853-2921 to make a phone payment with a Torrid credit card. To finish the process, you must provide the information for your checking account, bank routing number, and Torrid credit card.
By Mail:
To settle your credit card by mail you can send a money order to-
Comenity Bank San Antonio, Texas 78265-9584 P.O. Box 659584
(Do not send cash by mail)
You can also pay your credit card bill at any Torrid location.

Late payment fee
To prevent late fees, it’s crucial to make your payments on schedule. You can be assessed a late fee if you don’t pay at least the required minimum by 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. If it’s your first late payment within six months, the Torrid Card has a $30 late fee; if it’s been more than six months since your last late payment, the late cost is $41.

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